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    Domain is the internet address of your website through which people can reach your web.

    Let us help you choose the best top-level-domain. We register more than 150 unique TLDs.

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    With shared web hosting your website can be reached any time. We will give you a quick and reliable solution suitable for small websites, blogs, e-shops or company presentations.

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    Do you need a high-performance server for your big project or complex web?

    Choose from our server-offers suitable even for websites and projects requiring the highest performance.

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    We are an enthusiastic team running the WY for several years helping you to achieve your dreams and improve your online business.

    We are the bridge between you and your dreams about business in the world of internet.

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    • Why do you have your domain disabled and how to prevent it?

    Why do you have your domain disabled and how to prevent it?

    Did your domain suddenly become non-functional? This may be due to the failure to pay the registration fee in time, which we will describe in more detail on the .sk domain example, but almost all domains work on a similar basis.

    According to the rules for registration of .my domains, it is necessary to pay the registration fee to the registrar no later than by the last day of validity because the national registrar MYNIC does not allow to operate a .my domain without paying for it. If you do not carry out the payment of the registration fee, the system of the national registrar MYNIC will automatically shut down the domain.

    This rule is applicable for all registrars, including WY. Therefore, regardless of whether you are our long-term client, we cannot keep your domain functional if you fail to pay your registration fee in time.


    How much time do you have to pay?

      According to MYNIC:

      MYNIC will send a renewal notification e-mail at least 14 days before the expiry date. If payment has not been received 30 days after the invoice date, the domain name will be suspended. The suspension period is 14 days during which time, payment may be made to reactivate the domain name. If payment is still not received after the suspension period, the domain name will be deleted and made available to the public.


      How to prevent domain suspension?

      In WY, we send a proforma invoice to your email before the service expiration. If you have a domain and hosting, the proforma invoice should be emailed to you at a sufficient time in advance, at least 3 weeks before the end of the prepaid period.

      However, if you have requested or turned on a bulk invoice, it may happen that some services (including your domain) may be invoiced a few days late and the invoice maturity may also be on the day of domain expiration.

      Therefore, we would like to ask you to look closely at the invoice date on the proforma invoices, where you will see when it is time to pay the registration fee for the domain and pay it in time so that the national registrar does not turn it off.

      In practice, this means paying a proforma invoice at least 4 days before the service expiration, as it may take up to two days (more on holidays/weekends) while your payment is credited to our account and then our automatic system has to pair the payment with your domain. This way you will be absolutely sure that your domain continues to be fully operational.