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    Domain is the internet address of your website through which people can reach your web.

    Let us help you choose the best top-level-domain. We register more than 150 unique TLDs.

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    With shared web hosting your website can be reached any time. We will give you a quick and reliable solution suitable for small websites, blogs, e-shops or company presentations.

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    Do you need a high-performance server for your big project or complex web?

    Choose from our server-offers suitable even for websites and projects requiring the highest performance.

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    We are an enthusiastic team running the WY for several years helping you to achieve your dreams and improve your online business.

    We are the bridge between you and your dreams about business in the world of internet.

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    Do you need help? We’re here for you. Reach us on the following tel. number: +421.2581010 62, send an e-mail to: support@wy.com.my or contact us via chat.

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    Domain list

    If you want your own website, you will need a domain. You can choose from generic domains (gTLDs), country codes (ccTLDs), as well as new generic domains that appear from year to year.


    Generic domains

    .COM – gTLD – Commercional
    .BIZ – gTLD – Bussiness
    .EU – European Union
    .ORG – gTLD – Organisation
    .INFO – gTLD – Informations
    .NAME – gTLD – Names
    .NET – gTLD – Network
    .TEL – gLTD – Telecomunications
    .ASIA – gTLD – Asia



    New generic domains






    List of domains for countries

    .AC – Ascension Island
    .AM – Armenia
    .AT – Austria
    .BE – Belgium
    .BG – Bulgaria
    .BZ – Belize
    .CA – Canada

    .CC – Cocos Islands
    .CH – Switzerland
    .CL – Chile
    .CM – Cameroon
    .CN – China
    .CO – Republic of Colombia
    .CO.UK – United Kingdom
    .COM.HR – Croatia
    .COM.UA – Ukraine
    .CX – Christmas Island
    .CZ – Czech Republic
    .DE – Germany
    .DK – Denmark
    .ES – Spain
    .FM – Federated States of Micronesia
    .FR – France
    .GD – Grenada
    .GS – South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
    .HN – Honduras
    .HU – Hungary
    .IM – Isle of Man
    .IN – India
    .IO – British Indian Ocean Territory
    .IT – Italy
    .JOBS – sTLD
    .JP – Japan
    .LA – Laos
    .LC – Saint Lucia
    .LI – Liechtenstein
    .LT – Lithuania
    .LU – Luxembourg
    .MD – Moldova
    .ME – Montenegro
    .MN – Mongolia
    .MOBI – Mobil sites
    .MS – Montserrat
    .MU – Mauritius
    .MX – Mexico
    .NL – Netherlands
    .PE – Peru
    .PH – Philippines
    .PK – Pakistan
    .PL – Poland
    .RE – Réunion Island
    .RO – Romania
    .RS – Serbia
    .RU – Russia
    .SC – Seychelles
    .SE – Sweden
    .SG – Singapore
    .SH – Saint Helena
    .SI – Slovenia
    .SK – Slovakia – Slovensko
    .SR – Surinam
    .TC – Turks and Caicos Islands
    .TK – Tokelau
    .TL – East Timor
    .TM – Turkmenistan
    .TO – Tonga
    .TV – Tuvalu
    .UA – Ukraine
    .US – United States
    .VC – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    .VG – British Virgin Islands
    .WS – Western Samoa