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    Billing for our services



    The services provided by our company are included under the law in electronic services continuing over a period of time. According to general business practices, the billing for these services is carried out in advance, via pro forma invoices and, following the payment, an invoice (tax document) will be issued for you. The method of billing services in advance is implemented in all companies providing webhosting, voice, online, etc. services.




    The first pro forma invoice for our services will be generated and sent by e-mail and by post immediately upon ordering.

    If you order web hosting services, the date of the start of their use on this pro forma invoice, as well as on the contract, is from the day of ordering, i.e. if you order our services for example on 15 April, you will be charged as of 15 April. We will activate the services immediately after the pro forma invoice has been paid, and we will also send you the invoice – tax document – by e-mail.

    When ordering a domain registration, the date of use is the date of ordering and, after the payment, it is updated according to the actual domain registration status with the central registrar.
    Pro forma invoices for our services are issued to you for additional periods of 1 to 2 months prior to the start of their use.




    The reasons and benefits of this advance billing are many, so we will list some of the major ones. Services are ordered via the Internet, where the customer’s serious interest is not guaranteed. For this reason, many outstanding overdue invoices used to appear in our records. This circumstance has brought with it other problems such as debt enforcement.

    If a customer orders several services, we try to merge the billing periods, making the billing more transparent, in which case the billing may come 2 months in advance.




    Moreover, through advance billing we are trying to give the customer sufficient time to decide on further use of services, changes in services, etc. to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, cancellation of services and domains, such as in cases where the domain was not paid in time, it may have been deactivated. And especially regarding domain registration. In this case, we must – as your registrar – collect a fee and to further pay to the central domain registrar. This requires a certain amount of time in which we book your payment and then transfer it. An additional time interval will be required for booking our payment at the central registrar. As such, we cannot afford to expose our customers to the risk of losing a domain for failure to meet the due date, which can also occur in the case of serious customers.

    We trust that you approve of this method of billing. At the same time, we believe that it leads to the avoidance of unnecessary complications and thus contributes to improving the quality of our services.